On one or two occasions, perhaps more, English brethren have expressed to me in the past their desire that my books should be made available in English.
I did not feel inclined to do so, mainly for two reasons. In the first place was the consideration that the English Christian literature is so vast and rich,
that my modest writings could hardly be a contribution of any weight and substance.
Secondly, attempting such a task would make heavy demands on my time, which would of necessity impinge on what I have known clearly to be my chief priority – Spain and the Spanish people.
However, having published my last book in Spanish, entitled “Women of Distinction – not a few,” at least for the present I do not feel drawn to write any further book in Spanish.
This allows me a little spare time, and for this reason I have decided it could be worth while undertaking some translation work.
To attempt translating all my 15 books would be a mammoth task, far beyond my reach, but I have chosen the above, entitled “Abraham, who is the father of us all”, which I consider worth while and within the scope of my strength and available time.
I have always thought that translations, apart from some very worthy exceptions, are in general a second best, inasmuch as the flair and inspiration of the writing in its original tongue can rarely be matched, no matter how hard the translator may try.
Strange as it may seem, I find this also applies to the present work, even though I am my own translator. The reason is twofold: on the one hand my calling and ministry are, as already mentioned, to Spain and the Spanish people, and so the way it is to be worded and expressed must of course be suited to the Spanish mentality and style, which is so different from the English.
On the other hand, although my English could be rated as more or less satisfactory, actually I have a better command of Spanish.
Because of all this, I consider therefore that this translation will be rather like a second best, not matching the level or standard of the original in Spanish.
However, and despite the foregoing, I trust the Good Lord will be pleased to instil into its pages something of the fragrance and spark which –one knows full well – can only come from the heavenly breath of the Holy Spirit.
Time and those who read its pages will tell whether this hope and wish of mine has been crystallized or not.
On a practical note, the whole text of the translation will be posted on my website – – and not printed, published and distributed as a book, for compelling reasons that need not be explained.
So I close in commending it to the Lord, with the prayer that despite all the drawbacks pointed out, in His great loving kindness He will choose to make it of some blessing and profit to every saint who will choose to read it.